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At Reborn Rewild, we aim to produce the paramount of quality whilst staying loyal to the environment and our beloved Planet Earth. In a time where the fashion industry is saturated with harmful chemicals, dyes and animal cruelty - we are a breath of fresh air as we use natural, vegan, recycled and eco friendly materials such as Hemp, organic cotton and reclaimed wood. 

We believe in a more organic approach to life, promoting fairtrade & zero waste living.

All of our products are handmade from humble beginnings, with every sale supporting local hand-crafters in a small village set deep in the Himalayas. We are both blessed and proud to work closely with our small family run team in Nepal whom have the same passion and ethos as us. Plus through our trade they profit share within their community by funding local projects and aiding those less fortunate.

The answer to sustainability grows on trees - Choose Hemp, the future is green.

Why Hemp?

- It grows naturally

- All of the plant is used so there is zero waste

- It doesn't shed micro plastic into our water supply

- Hemp fibres become softer the more they are used and washed

- It's durability ensures strong, long lasting clothing and accessories

- It is grown and farmed without pesticides and chemicals

- It is a renewable source


Stay Wild, Reborn Rewild


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पृथ्वीमा दयालु हुनुहोस् 

Be Kind To The Earth